A Brief History of the Earth's Climate

Everyone's Guide to the Science of Climate Change

What's natural, what's caused by humans, and why climate change is a disaster for all. A Brief History of the Earth's Climate is an accessible myth-busting guide to the natural evolution of the Earth's climate over 4.6 billion years, and how and why human-caused global warming and climate change is different and much more dangerous. Richly illustrated chapters cover the major historical climate change processes including evolution of the sun, plate motions and continental collisions, volcanic eruptions, changes to major ocean currents, Earth's orbital variations, sunspot variations, and short-term ocean current cycles. As well as recent human-induced climate change and an overview of the implications of the COVID pandemic for climate change. Content includes: Understanding natural geological processes that shaped the climateHow human impacts are now rapidly changing the climateTipping points and the unfolding climate crisisWhat we can do to limit the damage to the planet and ecosystemsCountering climate myths peddled by climate change science deniers.A Brief History of the Earth's Climate is essential reading for everyone who is looking to understand what drives climate change, counter skeptics and deniers, and take action on the climate emergency.

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