Soul Music

#16 Discworld

When her dear old Granddad— the Grim Reaper himself—goes missing, Susan takes over the family business. The progeny of Death's adopted daughter and his apprentice, she shows real talent for the trade. That is, until a little string in her heart goes "twang."

With a head full of dreams and a pocketful of lint, Imp the Bard lands in Ankh-Morpork, yearning to become a rock star. Determined to devote his life to music, the unlucky fellow soon finds that all his dreams are coming true. Well almost.

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United Kingdom Feb, 2015
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Dec, 2013
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Oct, 2013
New: $21.89

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United Kingdom Feb, 2013
New: $20.77

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Aug, 2010
New: $47.40

Used: $53.67
Aug, 2010

Used: $363.83
Oct, 2009
New: $12.02

May, 2009
New: $11.59

Nov, 2008
New: $127.79

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