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Click on the cover with the title: A Christmas Carol: Popular Penguins
A Christmas Carol: Popular Penguins by Charles Dickens, ISBN: 9780141194745
Lila by Marilynne Robinson, ISBN: 9781844088812
Star Wars: the Force Awakens Incredible Cross Sections by Jason Fry, ISBN: 9780241201169
Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden, ISBN: 9780099580133
How It Works: The Mum by Jason Hazeley, Joel Morris, ISBN: 9780718184216
Great British Bake Off - Perfect Cakes & Bakes To Make At Home by Linda Collister, ISBN: 9781473615441
The Color Project by Sierra Abrams, ISBN: 9781619846258
Tanya's Christmas by Tanya Burr, ISBN: 9781911600411
Feel Free by Zadie Smith, ISBN: 9781594206252

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