Life Skills for a Broken World

Cover Art for 9781922585950, Life Skills for a Broken World by Ahona Guha
ISBN: 9781922585950
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Published: 9 January, 2024
Format: Hardcover
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A revolutionary framework for living well in a broken world, from acclaimed author and psychologist Dr Ahona Guha. How can I manage heartbreak? How do I cope with death? How can I learn to tolerate anxiety and hold hope? In this helpful, practical guide to good psychological health, Dr Ahona Guha shows us how to cope, thrive, and still feel hopeful for the future. Combining techniques from a range of therapeutic modalities, she demonstrates how we can build a range of essential psychological skills, and apply them to live a more tranquil and joyful life. Life Skills for a Broken World is a breath of fresh air, cutting through the confusion to provide solid, practical, and evidence-based answers to existential questions, big and small. 'Dr Guha's book is like therapy, activism, and a pep talk all rolled into one. Whether you're stressing about the state of the world or just trying to level-up your own life, she's got your back. It's all about taking baby steps to make big leaps - not just for you but for the world at large. So, give it a read and prepare to be the change you've been waiting for.' -Chantelle Otten, sexologist and author of The Sex Ed You Never Had 'Give this book as a gift to someone you love who is struggling - and that might be yourself. I already know this book is going to live on my bedside table. Dr Guha puts language and frameworks to help order the mess in our heads and hearts. Life Skills for a Broken World is grounding, consoling, and so practical.' -Benjamin Law, author of The Family Law and Gaysia Praise for Reclaim- 'Reclaim gave me a better understanding of my own trauma. Huge gratitude to Dr Guha for this well-crafted book ... A must-read for everyone.' -Veronica Gorrie, author of Black and Blue

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