The Power of Deep Heat

Cover Art for 9781801292429, Sauna by Emma O'Kelly
ISBN: 9781801292429
Publisher: Welbeck
Published: 12 September, 2023
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Sauna highlights the benefits the sauna brings to body and mind, its connection to nature, its history and mythology and its compatibility with another great invigorator - cold water swimming. 'This beautiful and timely book will appeal to anyone looking to deepen their experience, with or without the added joy of a cold swim.' Kate Rew, author of The Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook 'An essential guide to a movement reborn, blending modernity and tradition, design and wellness, community and nature.' Sarah Douglas, editor in chief, Wallpaper magazine There is a new wave of sauna culture spreading throughout the UK and beyond. Saunas are being built in unique settings providing tech-free spaces in which to gather, share stories and enjoy nature. The tradition has a rich history, filled with rituals that encourage us to soak up the mental and physical health benefits of deep heat. This book honours the old, embraces the new, and plunges headlong into the transformative power of steam. 'Smartly written and beautifully illustrated ... a celebration of a cultural resurgence and a reminder of the power of connecting with nature and something larger than ourselves.' Mikkel Aaland, author of Sweat


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